anybody went to supermom fair before? supermom vs baby world... which is better? thanks

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Regardless of the brands that represent them, I have never seen a deal among all the baby fairs that is more worth it than something I could get online or in retail. Think of it this way - all the vendors there have to spend on the rental space, event set-up, manpower to manage the booths, marketing efforts etc. All these costs ultimately adds up into the deals they offer because they need to cover it somehow! While it may be cheaper than retail, it usually isn't that worth the effort to be squeezing with everyone on a weekend. I'd highly recommend that you do full research if you ever decide to go to any baby fair - make sure the deals are really worth it (travelling there, squeezing and bringing it back) before you plan your "action plan" on which booths to go and the route so you don't end up getting lost! I usually just get items online, mainly through Shopee because of stackable discounts and free delivery - cheaper than baby fairs and no need to carry everything home ;)

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Honestly if I have time I wld just go for any to walk see walk see. If really wana compare I prefer Supermom's. Their preorder reservation deals are only at $1, at least I don't get to commit paying the full price b4 seeing the real item at the booth. Felt that SuperMom's goodie bags are of more substance, that's why I also just share the link to register for it. I had once the lucky draw gift from Baby World were like 2 pcs of Milk storage bags. Also I ever compared Baby World's deal, it was more expensive & had lesser goodies than OG's bundle.

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I would say baby world as the fair is definitely bigger and have more things than supermom. I only went to supermom baby fair once and I told myself I will not go there again. There are too much people going and too little space available thus I always get pushed around with my baby (baby wearing!) a lot. Although baby world fair are inconvenient in location but I still prefers it.

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The previous SuperMom baby fair to me was's world or Mummy's market,i find it not was messy.n they stated at website for example the item is in stock for the colours etc...but wen i went there,ask the staff,they cant even answer me..i find supermom has more 'atas' brands coming in n more bigger this coming 25-27 Aug

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Supermom is kinda too commercialised i feel in a way that alot of very pushy merchants around and nothing fantastic about the offers they have and the brands they bring in. Babyworld has more good offers which caters more to our needs and it is really worth it.

I personally like the one held my mummy's market best.. It's huge and have a lot of varieties but recently their major tenant is no longer NTUC and their diaper and milk powder deals are not as appealing as NTUC.. But nonetheless I still prefer that fair! :)

Depends on what item you planning to buy. If you want to know the price comparison between these few baby fairs, you can try visit They have past prices of the baby fairs, as well as some online stores and physical stores.

Baby world is better as it is much bigger and more merchants. I was disappointed with the last supermom events at expo as I thought it was gonna be a big one since it was at expo.

Baby world. After sales services is excellent. If having problem with vendor, baby world organiser will provide assistance and they take your feedback seriously.

what is ur defination on which is better? in terms of pdt range, after service, more freebies ects? each fair project differently on their consumers n period

6y ago

the range of product and the crowd...