Anybody has been to Baclaran? Are there any cheap baby items there?

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Hi Stan! Yea, I would say a lot of baby goodies being sold there but more of garments - and true that they're a lot cheaper than those we can find inside the malls. My mother used to buy my baby's first clothes there like her "baru-baruan", "lampin", "bonnets" and all sort of those. I was once hesitant to let baby wear it as the quality might not be good (you know how meticulous one can be for her new born). But luckily when we tried comparing it to that of my hubby bought from the malls, they're almost the same. The key is you look for not the most expensive ones in Baclaran but you know you don't just give in with the cheapest as they won't be worth it. In short, there are cheaper finds in Baclaran but be sure that you check on each item and also advisable for you to commute as much as possible as bringing your own car there would cause so much trouble as it's a very crowded area (or you can just park near the exits like Roxas Blvd and walk to the market). Cheers!

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Lots of cheap items are in Baclaran, and that includes baby items. I haven't been there in a while, though, ever since I became pregnant. But I'm sure there are bunch of stalls there selling cutesy baby items for less. Thanks for bringing this up. Might visit there next time :)

A lot, they say! A cousin of mine who happens to be pregnant goes to Baclaran often just to hunt for cheap baby items. That also serves as her exercise. However, I'm not so sure where the baby shops are specifically located

My preschool teacher who has become our family friend now is fond of buying stuff for babies in Baclaran. She said the items are really cheap and there are a lot of good finds.

Yes kahit saang building ka pumunta sa Baclaran madaming mga toys at damit ng bata in bulk na bayaran.