Any lactation consultant to recommend?

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Valerie Ng @ 81575780 She is good. My clogged duct clear in just 1 session. She also make it a point to follow up with u after her session. She is also the owner of mums fairy. Very friendly and patience!

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2y ago

Hi! Can I check how much did she charge you? How do you actually know you have clogged ducts?

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Ms Eileen Tiang, the parentcraft coordinator at Mount Elizabeth hospital is good. Alternatively try Ms Yasa Yong, Senior LC at Mount E Novena. Contact number: 69 33 0940

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Uma from Mother n Child , am using her personally , recommended her ton others and feedback were good. Eileen Tiang from Mount E Novena is good well .

Sister Kang from Mt Alvernia is highly recommended! She helped my LO latched on me when he is about 8 weeks old. He was bottle fed since day one..

2y ago

Does sister kang do house visits? And how much is her fee?

Recently met Sister Kang and she was really fabulous. She's so nice and sweet and positive. Highly recommend her.

Li qing from Thomson medical center. She helped me on my engorgement after 1 sessions I felt so much better

Sister Kang and Rita from Mount A!