2022 Goals for Healthy Living

It is almost 2022 and to start it right I am making health goals. I know that it is never too late to start trying to become a healthier me not just physically but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The first step in achieving my goals is making sure that I am setting SMART goals. Sharing with you my 5 goals for healthy living. ✔ Take time for Spiritual Life ✔ Eat Healthy Foods ✔ Spend quality time with family and friends ✔ Maintain Cheerful, hopeful outlook in life ✔ Achieve maintain healthy weight How about you? Share what are your goals this 2022. I am inviting you also to join Team Bakunanay on Facebook. Swipe left and scan the QR code. #TeamBakuNanay #ProudtobeABakuNanay #AllAboutBakuna #HealthierPhilippines #VaccinesWorkForAll

2022 Goals for Healthy Living
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small steps to better health