Is it advisable to floss our toddlers daily? From what age should we start flossing them?

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You can start flossing as soon as two teeth grow in side by side. But that is only if you can get your toddler to stay still and pay attention to how flossing is done properly. Flossing can be quite dangerous if not done carefully. My niece cut her gums due to her over-zealous flossing. Ideally, flossing should be done daily but then again, taking into consideration your child's age, his or her attention span and mood, daily flossing can be quite a challenge. Whenever you can would be great, in terms of flossing, but make sure you keep the brushing of teeth a regular occurence.

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Usually from what I understand, so long as you have side by side teeth, u can start flossing but don't allow the kids to do it themselves as I feel it is dangerous. Help them with it until maybe when they reached P5.

maybe not yet at such a young age cos they still have milk teeth. I just brushed my son's teeth with a soft tooth brush 2x a day

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I think flossing should only start after milk teeth have gone. At such a young age the gums are still very sensitive.