How have your diet change apart from no raw and alcohol?Do you continue to eat what you used to eat?

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In the first month or so, I tried to be really conscious of the nutritional value of my meals. I googled every ingredient to see if it’s safe for me to eat. Now, at 14 weeks, I’ve realized that it’s too much of a hassle because I’m hungry every 2-3 hours and I can’t possibly plan ALL my meals. So I stick to the basic rule: no alcohol/caffeine, avoid sugar (easier to do before, but now my cookie cravings are strong), avoid processed foods as much as possible (maggi mee, fast food, frozen foods, Cheetos, canned etc). No raw seafood. More fruits and yogurt. Sometimes I have my cheat days but essentially: everything in moderation.

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For me, no alcohol/raw food/soft drinks. I try limit my intake of salt, caffeine, sugary food, processed food including processed meat like sausage and ham. I also try to avoid/limit red meat and cold drinks. Was told to avoid cooling food like crysanthemum, pineapple, herbal jelly etc. At the end of the day, I think having a balance diet is important. Sometimes its hard to google ingredient u take if good for pregnancy so anything that I'm unsure I just take in small portions. Whenever possible, I like to cook cuz at least I know what goes inside the food I eat (: I like to snack on nuts/fruits whenever I feel hungry between meals.

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I've cut down on my caffeine, stopped taking raw food and alcohol. Incorporated milk (lactose free as I'm intolerant), reduce spicy food (it gives me acid reflux) and the rest is about the same. Having said that... plain yogurt, nuts, green leafy veg, avo, beetroot, etc had always been part of my diet... and I originally already don't take fast food, sugared drinks, bubble tea... so changes would also depends on what your original diet is like. If you rely a lot on processed food, oily hawker food, sugary desserts and bubble tea... then you probably have to make more changes

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I drink milk instead of my morning coffee. No raw food and alcohol. I try to avoid second hand smoke. Other than that I eat as usual. And drink more water and eat fruits as I start to constipate.

My colleague have turned into pure vegetarian as her doctor shared the side effects of consuming non-veg food and alcohol during pregnancy and after pregnancy

no change, I just eat what I usually eat, but I do try to cut down on processed food. Still eats fast food once in awhile.

Also no coffee, limit to one cup of green tea a day max. Apart from that, I eat as per what my body craves.

My diet dont change just lessen on spicy food, no raw food, no alcohol, lessen on caffeine/tea

I still eat raw but in smaller quantities