drinking calamansi juice

Advicable ba if makati yung lalamunan ko at medyo inuubo na uminom ng calamansi with honey? preggy po ako 6 anyhalf months po

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maganda daw po ang calamansi juice para sa baby sabi ng byenan ko,,, mas malakas daw lungs niya

5y ago

Yes, it is safe to eat honey while you are pregnant. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists does not list honey in their recommended list of foods that pregnant women should avoid. There are two main reasons why it is safe for women to eat honey while they are pregnant: A woman's digestive system can handle the bacteria. An adult's gut is more likely to be able to handle keeping any possible colonization of the Clostridium spores at bay, because the digestive microbiomehas been well established by adulthood. There is more likely to be protective flora in an adult's gut which will prevent the spores from growing, thus preventing botulism from developing. More protective flora also means less space for the bacteria to grow. In this case, no room at the inn is a good thing. Most of the time, botulism just cannot grow in a healthy digestive tract. And while it is true that a woman's immune system can be lowered during pregnancy, in normal, healthy pregnancies, there is no

yes po. nirecommend po ang calamansi juice sakin. iwas daw po sa cold water

5y ago

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