baby starting to crawl and sit up

My 7months old starting to crawl and sitting up on her own. She is in infant care now and fell down twice last week and 1 time fell on her back and hit her head. Luckily LO is fine after hitting her back of her head. Her ifc is wood flooring. Her care giver unable to give her 100% attention because there are still other infants that they need to handle. How to refrain LO from falling? Is it normal at their age to fall. #worriedmum

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It's very normal to fall and it won't have amy long term damage since baby's bones are still very flexible and heal easily. Unless the fall is from very high place of course, but just falling while crawling on the floor is fine. I think my girl falls at least once a day 😅 since she's very active. Don't worry too much, and go for first aid course if you're worried!

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Yes it’s normal. My lo also fall on her back a LOTS of times... and different style knocking her head on the floor. Went to the doc, lucky nothing. Doc say it’s normal to fall. If never fall how to learn?

2y ago

I mean falling is not norm but like u said is true. If they don't fall, they don't learn. Probably I just need to learn how to let go Abit.

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I think falling is part of learning process. Maybe u can teach her to fall forward instead or how to stabilise herself :)

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It’s normal to fall. I bought my LO this last time. Haha. Protects the back of the head

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Yes it’s normal Consult pd if u worried