Can't sleep at night

My 5 yo kid is getting hard to sleep at night. Usually our TV screen time ends at 10pm. We go to bed around 10.30 pm. He always complained he couldn't sleep. I played a lullaby song every night to make him sleep. However, he still couldn't sleep. Sometimes, it will drag for 1 hour. It affected my sleep as well. How should I make him sleep better?

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Perhaps if your LO doesn't nap in the afternoon, you let him play all day till bed time get a warm shower then make him sleep. That's what ill do to my first daughter, 5 years old. She goes to KN and once home she's not asleep, we will let her tire herself till bed time.

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try to stop screen time at 2 or 1 hour before sleep the least. try to dim the light and put some essential oil helps