My 3yo had fever 2 weeks ago and due viral cough. Now he had fever again and it spikes to almost 39 during evening. He has no other symptoms at all. Throat ok. Stomach ok. Lungs ok. Even the gp doesn't know what's wrong. We brought him to a pd at mount a and requested for test. So far results are ok except for the protein c reactive indicator which is high at 51. Normal range is 1 to 10. He's gonna have this same blood test again tmr to check if it drops. In general, his behavior is as per usual except that his appetite dropped. Anyone has this experience before? Are there any test which we have missed out? I suspected celiac disease cus he has eczema and we did a food tolerance test for him at healing resonance but the pd we as wasn't very convinced abt that and he didn't think is celiac but told us if we want to do a test for celiac also can.

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Hmmm if he's behaving as per normal I wouldn't be too worried. Think it's pretty normal to have poor appetite when you're unwell ( it's the same for adults). But if you're really concerned, I'll suggest bringing him to another doc for 2nd opinion . Why not go KK?

6y ago

I was told by the PD sometimes it takes two week for children to have bad their appetite.

Sorry to hear about your child's health, mum. If the fever is not going away, it should not be taken lightly. Pls see another specialist for a second opinion.