Did anyone after deliver there is some placenta still left inside and it cause heavy bleeding.

3cm Placenta still inside after deliver

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same problem. I deliver prematurely at 24w 1d. since 13w of pregnancy had heavy bleeding and eventually amniotic fluid leakage. baby born via normal delivery. at postpartum 4w, I had another sudden fresh bleeding. Found out that was some remains of placenta. Just did an Evacuation of the Uterus (day surgery) yesterday and am resting at home now

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1mo ago

may I know where u delivery your baby?

It would be good for you to go back to your gynaecologist for a good check. And let your gynes know about it. I ever heard all placenta must come out. Cannot left inside. Hope your gynes can help you recover fully soon.

1mo ago

yes, I did surgery to removed it. the placenta cause me have heavy bleeding. just wondering is it bcos doctor didn't check whether there's still remaining after delivery.