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My 2yo has been attending sch for 4 months. He has been cryingat drop off. Initially he was slightly better after 2 weeks and there were days he didnt cry. However things too a turn after 2 months when he fall sick and miss school plus there was a change in family dynamic . Ever since he has been crying at drop off and im at my wit end. Any parents has kids that cried for many days at drop off. How long in the end did your child take to know that sch is fun and no longer cry daily at drop off.

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I’m a preschool teacher and all I can say is every child is different. I ever witness a child cry every morning from PG till this year K2. But now she only cry for maybe 5mins after parents leave, and she can calm herself down. So it really depends on the individual and there’s no one answer on how long it takes for your child to stop crying at drop off. I feel like as long as they enjoy the rest of the day in school, it doesn’t really matter if they cry at drop off. You can communicate with the teachers and see how your child is doing after you leave. If your child stops 5-30mins after you leave, I think it’s really ok and don’t need to worry so much as they actually enjoy the remaining 8-10hrs that they are in school.

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My daughter 2.5 yo, started crying again after gg to school for around 9 months. Some of the days are better, some days she wouldn't even wear shoes and get out of the house. Teacher said she's ok 5 mins into school and photos shows her laughing in sch. She knows and likes all her friends too. We are also not sure what is happening but she may be stressed since the time table and 1 of the teachers changed. Still trying to observe but I guess mainly she doesn't like leaving her parents and having to follow rules. We tried telling her the fun things and what to expect in school like can see butterfly, got giant slide etc and that works better.

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does she has difficulty separating from you or your hub?