Breech baby at 32 weeks

At 28w, my baby is head-down but just now went for scan and gynae inf she is in a breech position. Gonna have another scan at 35w before gynae decides I will have a c-sect delivery. Any of u experience baby turning again head-down? Any method to make them turn? I reli wanna go natural birth..

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Baby was in breech position at wk 32. Gynae told me to mentally prepare for csec if by wk 35 she doesnt turn. I talked to my baby asking her to turn because i hoped for natural birth. After some time i said to her she ownself decide coz to me as long as she is safe i m ok to go for any delivery. Thankfully she did turn by wk 35! Even at wk 36 i asked my gynae if she turned again not (anxious liao). But i heard from some people theirs turn very last min. Like few days before edd. So dun worry!!

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10mo ago

Im sure baby will!!

hi ladies.. just to update at 35w scan my baby is still breeched so we arrange for csect on 1st week dec.. and then at 36w, she miraculously turned!!!!! all I did was pray and talk to her.. so I am gonna try for natural birth!! need all the prayers for everything to go smooth.. extending prayers to the preggies for smooth delivery and for those TTC mummies to be blessed too with their Bundle of Joy! ❤

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I did a Malay massage or “sengkak perut” they called it. The skilled ones will be able to locate & manipulated my baby’s position. It worked for me.. had a successful normal delivery. She can even pretty accurately estimate when you’ll be due too.. amazing skills!

8mo ago

hi,, can share her contacts?

Do a malay pre natal massage and make sure the person knows how to massage a breech baby. I did that when my baby was breeched at late term can't remember at what week and the makcik massaged and corrected my baby. Very uncomfortable but thankfully he stayed head down till birth.

10mo ago

Uncomfortable only, not painful. Or the easiest way is the leaning forward exercise. Also helps! I do this alot with my recent pregnancy when sonographer told me baby was breech at 27 weeks. Can Google and see how to do the exercise. Very simple!

My 1st baby turn at the very2 last min . At 38 weeks . 1 week ltr i normal birth . This 2nd pregnancy , im at 31 weeks now . And baby has turn . Hopefully wont breech again . Tho it can happen .

10mo ago

wow..I always tot it would be so cramped there for them to keep turning 😅 May u have a smooth delivery too for the 2nd one dear ❤


My baby was breech at week 32 too. But he turned at week 35 onwards. Did Kegal exercises

10mo ago

ok will try this

Do some squats and exercises u can find on YouTube that would get baby engaged :)

9mo ago

thanks for the tips!!!