How to encourage car seating

My 2 month old dislikes the car seat. He will start to cry after a few minutes. I tried music, having a toy, singing and talking to him, but all in vain. I need to travel with him for at least half an hour everyday to fetch the older sibling from school. All advises are welcome! Thank you very much!

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The best drive alone with baby I ever had was when baby was sleeping. Otherwise the alternative is to have someone sit next to baby and keep baby entertained. At 2 months baby probably doesn’t understand why he’s strapped in and not carried and you don’t pick him up when he cries. It gets better as he gets older. All the best!

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Super Mum

Hi Mama, I was in a similar situation. Baby would cry until he threw up 😅. I don’t think I have much advice for you except that you’ll need to keep at it and try your best to stay calm while you’re driving and he’s crying. I know it’s unnerving. I hope it gets better soon!

ignore him... my oldest has no issue with car seat since day one. but my youngest have separation anxiety esp he's facing the back... cant see us when we r driving... we just let him cry.... now slightly better.. gonna transit him to front facing car seat soon