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As a 1st time mom, it was my first time buying a pregnancy test kit and had to read carefully on how to use it. The instruction was to pee on the pink stripe and wait for a few mins for the line to come out right? So I did the same. But the line came out immediately and was very strong so I was stunned. Had no time to process it in my mind and although I thought I should be over the moon but I wasn't. Just in a shock state. Anyone have the same experience as me? :/

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Congratulations! i'm also a FTM, currently week 11 D6 😊 I always have irregular period since young so it didnt occurred to me that I may be pregnant as I didnt show any symptoms. But my husband bought me the kit and I went to test it. Mine came out super bold immediately too and I was in a blank state of mind. Meanwhile, my husband was very excited already 😂😂 I tested again next morning, just to be sure, and it came out bold immediately as well. But I still couldn't believe my eyes. I did 3 tests in total and managed to book an appointment with nuh at week 11. Did the very first ultrascan and saw the baby kicking and moving around. That was when it finally hits me and I felt very very emotional at that moment haha.

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4mo ago

congrats!! I think our EDD is the same 🤭