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As a 1st time mom, it was my first time buying a pregnancy test kit and had to read carefully on how to use it. The instruction was to pee on the pink stripe and wait for a few mins for the line to come out right? So I did the same. But the line came out immediately and was very strong so I was stunned. Had no time to process it in my mind and although I thought I should be over the moon but I wasn't. Just in a shock state. Anyone have the same experience as me? :/

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Yes. I had a similar experience and feeling too. I remember i was using the squat toilet cubicle at my workplace. When i saw the plus sign appear right after the sample passed through, i almost lost balance and dropped inside the toilet bowl. Lol. Though shock at first, you'll come to be prepared and feel blessed from the checkups to come. Jiayou!!

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