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As a 1st time mom, it was my first time buying a pregnancy test kit and had to read carefully on how to use it. The instruction was to pee on the pink stripe and wait for a few mins for the line to come out right? So I did the same. But the line came out immediately and was very strong so I was stunned. Had no time to process it in my mind and although I thought I should be over the moon but I wasn't. Just in a shock state. Anyone have the same experience as me? :/

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Congratulations! 🥹 We are a young couple TTC for a year. Previously I missed my period for 12 days and it came back negative (I had irregular periods). The next when I missed 14 days I didn’t bothered too much but thought I’ll try it again.. I purchased a clear blue kit and tested at work,results came out immediately! 🥰🥰 It was hard to resist till I end work to surprise my husband 😂

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4mo ago

congratulations too! your hubs must be so happy to receive the good news after a day of work. I didn't surprise my hubby as we went to purchase the clear blue kit together and he was having an online meeting while I "surprise" him 😂