my 19 yo toddler rejects home food at home (he would rather starve) and also when we bring homecooked food out. It seems like he likes salty food. is it better to feed him salty food so that he will eat? sigh .

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It depends how you want to think. Is t really too bland? For me, i am open to them eating outside food. just that i make them drink lots of water after that. food too bland, they won't eat too. maybe find other ways to spice up your home cook food to make him accept it at home first?

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Instead of giving salty food, how about using nature favouring to improve the taste of the food? I never add salt for all food for my 18 months and family. I used fruits, herb and tomato/carrots/celery to improve the taste instead.

5y ago

we tried onion garlic carrot chicken broth oregano herb but he just seems to find salt missing..any other herbs to recc?