My 13.5mo gal is still waking up twice a night to drink!! Anyone facing same situation? She used to drop off to once a night but this past week she has been waking up twice a day.. so many babies have slept through the bight but mine is still waking up like a newborn to drink :( I do give her dinner and a little snack and milk before bedtime.. When she wakes up at night she can finish a bottle of 135ml! I thought maybe she is just thirsty but it seems like she is hungry or is she just drinking out of habit? What should I do?

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Hmm my gal sleeps around 10 and wakes up once around 3-4 to drink. But sometimes she will wake up at 2 and then 5am again to drink. She is a small eater in the day and rejects food even if I give her more.guess she is one of those babies take small quantity but many meals sigh

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