Blocked nose during pregnancy

Hello mummies, anyone experiencing blocked nose everyday? I been having blocked nose every night from my first trimester. Now at week 25, the blocked nose is all day. I have to use nasal spray to sleep. Is this normal? Please help. Thank you! #advicepls #pregnancy #FTM

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Super Mum

Hi Hui Li, Have you consulted a doctor? It could be pregnancy rhinitis and will only get worse as pregnancy progresses. You can try a neti pot or some sort of nasal irrigation to help clear up your nose. Best to see a doctor though.

1y ago

Most welcome! Feel better soon!

i get blocked nose everyday as well, i already have sinus and being pregnant made it x10 haha. my gynae lets me take antihistamines to help and also prescribed nasonex spray which has helped me to sleep

1y ago

Thank you for your reply! I shall ask my gynae to prescribe something for me. Having a hard time day and night

ganyan din ako mommy ang ginagawa ko lang is elevate konti ulo ko para maka hinga ng maayos 😉

1y ago

you're very welcome mommy and congrats for your baby ❤🎉

Yes it’s normal to have nasal congestion during pregnancy… I had it for both of my pregnancy.

1y ago

It’ll only go away after you give birth…