3 months 2nd week baby does not drink milk at usual rate

1. After a sleep through night, wake up in the morning also does not finish 100 ml breast milk. 2. Normally after shower will drink some or +/- 100 ml breast milk but now refuse to drink. 3. During the day also does not drink at normal intervals and drag up to 5 hours before willing to drink. Are these normal?

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Super Mum

At this age, there can be a few things I think.. 1. Regression (due to significant milestones eg. Wonder Week) 2. Illness (check for fever and other signs of irritability, and bring baby for a checkup if you’re worried) 3. Gum discomfort (may not have teeth out yet, but the gums are preparing for that so baby finds it painful to suck on the teat and cannot drink for long).

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1y ago

thanks 👍 hope it is number 1. don't see number 2 and 3 but she just loves to "eat" her fingers (mittens all wet) 😆

How's her frequency of wet diapers? If there's not much changes, nth to worry abt but continue to monitor. If you're bottle feeding, try to change the bottle teat. Sometimes babies may feel it's too slow as they grow but change back if she keeps unlatching as it may mean the flow is too fast.

1y ago

Less drink less of wet diapers 😄 I adjust myself to accept the fact that she drinks less, less stress 😄 I didn't change teat because she has been using the upgraded size teats for half a month already and no issue until recently. After a few days, she resume to normal drinking rate 👍 Appreciate your advice and sharing 🙏