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Team September: Becoming a Mom (w/ PCOS) ❤

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome when I was 17 and was told that having a baby in the future could prove to be a challenge. Though, I was so young and don't have any plans yet it was hard to know what to do with this information. 🥺 Throughout my teens and 20s I seldom have a period, a condition known as amenorrhea, common in those with PCOS. I worried about what would happen if I met someone and wanted to start a family.😟 When we got married, me and my husband gathered together everything we had learned about diet, supplements, pinpointing ovulation, and complementary approaches and stepped on to the playing field known to many as “Trying to Conceive.” I remember having 2 boiled eggs for lunch everyday to lose weight. 😅 After some time, our doctor suggested to try and take medications that would help me conceive but I was told eventually that my body didn't have a positive response to it. I remember crying so hard and my husband and closed friends comforted me during those difficult times. I realized that I'm still so lucky and blessed. We never stop trying and praying for this little one to come into our lives. My husband never stop reassuring me that God will eventually give her to us at the right time. Everytime I see negative result, I always felt that sadness that maybe I don't deserve to be a mother. I was wrong for thinking that way and I was wrong for being impatient. We stopped the medication but we never stopped praying. To my surprise, I became pregnant. We were both shocked and cried. And in my mind while holding the PT kit, "those 2 lines, that's gonna be my baby." We prayed and we thank God for hearing our prayers. Even our doctor can't believe that I'm indeed pregnant. 😁 There's nothing impossible with God indeed. 🥰 On September 1st, our baby girl "Prale Adrielle" has arrived and just like that everything changes. The world gets bigger, hearts grow fuller, and LIFE means more because she's in it. Our path to parenthood was never easy and surely it will never be an easy road from here. From conceiving, to pregnancy, to labor and delivery, those were the hardest thing I have ever done so far and I can say I succeeded. 😇💪 "Prale Adrielle" you are our treasure, and you're worth all the sacrifice. ❤ :. When I was new here in TAP, I created a GC for team September and to my surprise we are a lot ☺I was so happy, knowing that I'm not alone in my journey to becoming a mom. Most of us are FTM's and shared mostly common concerns. It was such a big help. Appreciate your help and advices! Hoping that those who are still waiting will have a safe delivery as well. 🥰 #firstbaby #1stimemom

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Team September: Becoming a Mom (w/ PCOS) ❤
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