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Im 6months pregnant with my first child. Everytime i want to buy baby clothes i just dont finally do it its like im afraid of something. Is there something wrong with me ?
Thank you
Older ones have the belief of first babies should not wear new clothes, hand-me-down instead. Dont worry too much! Stop over thinking.
due date
Can a clinics ultra sound make an error? . I know im 22weeks now and baby due middle december but the clinic scan says im 19 weeks baby due 08 January and i know its wrong bcz we went to a specialist
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Period n how the computer estimated is different
morning sicknesses
Is the something wrong with me ? Im 5months pregnant and i dont have morning sicknesses nor cravings .
Thank you im a first time mom i was worried everyone is complaining about morning sicknesses and cravings but i dont have them i just eat alot
Is normal....