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from Mommy Julie's FB post

Dear Daddy, I will be coming out very soon. Are you excited? I hope you are because I am very much excited to see you and mommy. Daddy can I tell you something? I know it's a secret between mom and I but I just have a feeling that I should share it with you daddy. I am sure mommy will take care of me as that what she always tells me whenever we take a bath and before we go to bed. She always say that she loves me and that she'll do her best to be the best mommy for me. Daddy, I am afraid that she'll forgets to take care of herself when I arrive. Can you please do me a favor daddy? Can you please take care of mommy while she is taking care of me? I know she'll breast feed me anytime I needed it. Daddy can you please make sure that she'll also eats on time? That she will not miss a meal? I know I need to eat a lot for me to grow and be healthy but mommy needs to be healthy as well after giving birth to me. She needs to gain her strength after a very tiring day of getting me out of that watery cave. Daddy I know mommy will make sure I always have a good sleep that she'll forget that she needs it too. Daddy when that time comes can you please take over and let mommy take a complete rest? I promise not to give you a hard time. ? Daddy mommy needs me. She needs to be by my side all the time. She's still recovering and adjusting after 9 months of having me in her womb. She might cry a LOT! When that time comes can you please be patient and give mommy a hug. She will need nothing but your love and patience. Daddy, thank you in advance. Mommy will go through a very hard job (and that's delivering me). It's not easy daddy. Please take care of her. Promise me please daddy. I know mommy won't ask you these things because she believes that it's her duty. But she needs to be taken care of too. If you will treat her well, I am sure she will be the best mommy and I will be the most happy baby in the world! ? Until I arrive daddy. See you soon! Love, Baby ❤

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