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?COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT PREGNANCY? 1⃣ Normal lang ba o masama ba ang palaging paninigas ng tiyan? -Ang paninigas ng tiyan lalo na sa 3rd trimester is very common that's what we called "Braxton Hicks Contraction" which is the way of our uterus to practice us or prepare us for the actual labor. As you go far along your pregnancy mas palagi mo ito mararamdaman pero maglalast lang siya ng 1-2minutes, if you feel very uncomfortable just changed your position or walk for awhile and drink some water so the contractions will stop. 2⃣ Anong months pwede malaman ang Gender ni baby? -As early as 16weeks(4months) pwede ng makita gender ni baby lalo na pag boy ito(which is mas madali marecognize compared sa girl) but still it will depend on your baby's position. If you are in budget mas mabuti na sa 5months nalang magpatingin ng gender or sa 7months. 3⃣ Kelan ko po mararamdaman yung kicks ni baby? - You should feel your baby's first kick or "quickening" or those butterflies in your stomach as early as 16-25weeks, pero yung iba mas paaga pa lalo na pag second baby na nila. 4⃣ Normal lang po ba na hindi masyadong magalaw si baby lalo na sa 3rd trimester? - 3rd trimester is very crucial for moms so our OB usually suggest us to have this "kick counts" dapat maka 10counts si baby natin sa loob ng isang oras(not totally na every hour but atleast sa isang oras may sampung sipa si baby. If nakasampu ka assurance mo yun na your babe is doing well. 5⃣ Para saan ba ang folic acid? - Folic acid is one of the first vitamins that our baby needs specially in first trimester. This is the pregnancy's superhero! If a mama takes enough folic acid atleast 400mcg during her first 3months mas naiiwasan niya na magkaron ng birth defects yung baby niya sa brain and spinal cord.

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