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Breastfeeding Tips

As a breastfeeding mom, I always get questions about breastfeeding. So here are some tips I can share to have #OneLessWorry in your breastfeeding journey! πŸ’– 1. Invest in comfortable nursing bras that's hassle free gives you comfort, just like Mama’s Choice Maternity Nursing Bra 2. Invest in a Breast Pump that you can bring anywhere with you so you can express milk easily - especially if you are going back to work. It's an added factor if it comes with a bottle where you can store milk too - like Mama's Choice Manual Breast Pump 3. Nipple creams are very helpful especially during the first few weeks when starting to breastfeed. Make sure that it's food grade to so it is safe for baby even if ingested, just like Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream 4. Stay hydrated always and eat healthy. 5. Get proper rest whenever possible. 6. ENJOY the journey. Kids grow up so fast. #MamasChoicePH #OneLessWorry

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Breastfeeding Tips
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