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ER Tour :Venting Out Mum

From graduation rites to ER real quick ako knina mga mamsh. My husband and I are teachers. Adviser kmi ng graduating students so we have no choice but to work. In the middle of sash distribution na-feel ko na nanigas for quite some time yung tummy ko so I stopped working and rested. Kaso when I was already resting nagpanic naman ako kasi biglang even the baby's hb dko makapa or mafeel. Then di din sya gumagalaw, which she normally does kapag patugtugan ko ng music. So I immediately told my husband and he went to the attending nurse dun sa event to see me. The nurse tried to check the hb using a stethoscope for few minutes. Di nya narinig. So she told us to rush me to the ER. Ako, at first ayoko. Natulala na ako mga mamsh, kasi all memories came back to me. Btw, I experienced stillbirth last 2021 and I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant so you can imagine how devastated I got when I heard the nurse saying na walang hb na makita. When we got to the ER, nadetect naman po ang hb (Thank God) and malakas. Pero the attending OB sa ER with the advise of my OB injected dexamethasone and prescribed a lot of medicines. Plus, we found out after they ordered a urinalysis test, na mataas ang pus cells ko, so I'd be taking an antibiotic for it. Ayun mga mamsh, venting out Lang how one of a hell journey this day was for me and my husband. This is a rainbow baby, Kaya sobrang na paranoid kami. Even my husband cried at the ER sa sobrang takot. Sorry for the super lengthy post. To all preggy moms with their 🌈 baby, di tlga naten maiwasan maparanoid at some point ano?

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