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Why We Love H&M Clothes

Clothes are essential – no doubt about that. And for someone like Penny who loves dressing up, I don’t only look at the style of the clothes, but also if it’s comfy to wear and if it’s good value for my money too. This is why one of my favorite brands to get for Penny (and myself) is H&M! From basic tees and dresses to more fancy pieces for parties and special occasions, it makes choosing clothes soooo much easier for moms like me. Recently received this outfit for Penny – a gorgeous tee and denim shorts. I have to say that it’s perfect not only for OOTD moments, but also for playtime! Penny was very comfy throughout the day and despite the warm weather, her back wasn’t sweaty at all. The tee is lightweight but not see-through/thin material despite being white. The shorts have an elastic waistband which I love. It has the perfect fit on her and there were no issues with the shorts falling off or being too tight on her. It’s also easy for her to pull it up and down when she needs to use the bathroom. H&M definitely ticks all the boxes when it comes to clothes for kids: ✅ Stylish – so many basics that you can mix and match and fancier pieces too for special events ✅ Comfy –Penny often asks me to change her clothes if she’s itchy or uncomfortable with the fabric but we’ve never had issues with clothes from H&M ✅ Affordable – One of the things that I love about H&M is that the clothes are reasonably priced. Definitely high-quality and worth every cent! ✅ Sustainable – Why choose a brand that focuses on sustainability? Simple – because they make sure that their products are made with care and consideration for the people who make them and for the environment too. H&M has been part of my parenting journey for years and our go-to store when it comes to clothes for my kids. Check them out @hm_kids for outfits for your little ones too! #VIPparentsPH #HMKids @theasianparent_ph @vipparentsph @hm_kids

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Why We Love H&M Clothes
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