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baby # 3 ( Don't lose hope always trust god's plan)

I am now 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my baby number 3 actually before god started to bless me wonderful girls lahat na yata ng bad pregnancy naranasan ko na... My eldest is my 1st pregnancy before sya magkaheartbeat 2 doctor ang pinagcheck up ko first one dahil walang heart beat gusto nya d&c agad ako me and my hubby felt devastated then my mom talked to her OB and dun nya ako dinala she told me late development lng wait for 2 weeks then after 2 weeks we heard something beautiful her heartbeat then after 37 weeks i gave birth to an 8pounds baby girl... after a year i got pregnant again but not as lucky as the first one the baby got weak and died in my tummy kasi di ko alam pregnant ako 3months na sya nabutas ung sac nya wala akong bleeding but nagchill ako i called my ob and asked me to have a trans V that's when we found out na im pregnant and we lost the baby.... next was i when my daughter turn 3 yrs old and she was in nursery i had a blighted ovum (pregnancy without the presence of a fetus) d&c again but diff. OB after 2years i got pregnant but apparently it's ectopic that was the first surgery i had i really felt devastated parang there will be no chance for me to be able to get pregnant again... then when my daugther turned 6 i prayed that she will have a sibling to be with ... finally i got pregnant again(that was nerve bracking) me and my hubby went to have a transV and the baby is healthy and after 9 months i had another daugther... but again odds happen 10 months after i got pregnant again but it's ectopic again but this time i had my monthly preiod and i never missed one month... actually i am surprised that i am pregnant that time my OB said it's possible i got my period but my ovulation went x 2... tired of being in pain and devastated me and my hubby decided not to get pregnant till god's own right plan... and after 4years here i am sharing you my baby#3's first picture... everyone please don't lose hope god has it's own plan in everything... god bless everyone???

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baby # 3 ( Don't lose hope always trust god's plan)
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