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Anyone using MENSTRUAL CUP?

#MCSwitch #MenstrualCupPH #MenstrualCup 29 months pp, using menstrual cup. Kung may tanong comment below. Interested, youu can join sa FB group page para may support and maka-observe ka, search: Menstrual Cup Users Philippines 24 yrs old Given birth Normal delivery Very high Cervix Using Viva Cup Large ( will switch to Luna Cup) From 7 days period to 3 days nalang ❤️ No more smelly trash can. No more worries sleeping with white bed sheets. No more uncomfortable feeling. No moree bloody panties ❤️ Pero for my security nakapasador ako, sayang mga lumang lampin ng bibi e. Hahahaha. And bahay lang naman din. But will buy reusable panty liner later on. :) Oh. Literal life changing to. Eco friendly pa. ❤️ Matutuwa ka pa sa dami ng nacollect mong dugo. Hahahahaha. May support group sa FB and very helpful sila. Menstrual Cup Users Philippines #menstrualcup #MenstrualcupPh #menstrualcupphilippines #mcswitch #MenstrualCupSwitch #normalizeperiodtalks

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Anyone using MENSTRUAL CUP?
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