Baby keep crying for hours non stop

Yesterday was the first day we brought baby home , day 4 of baby, and it was the worse. From evening until morning, baby cannot stop crying no matter what we do, we carry him, we fed him, changed diaper, put baby oil on stomach, swaddled, given pacifier, nothing works. His eyes are just wide open and keep crying bloody murder. Is this normal for newborn to be like this and what do we do ? As we are first time parents we are very helpless and clueless. 😔 Really very stress and i feel useless as a mother that i cant do anything. Esp now im still recovering from e-csect. M #advicepls #pleasehelp #firsttimemom

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Have you tried sound machine? you can also make the shh shh sound while rocking baby. It's soothing for baby as it mimicks the whooshing sound in the womb. Not sure if you know this, but there are something called Developmental Leaps and Growth Spurts. It's something you can read up on! Do also read up on appropriate wake windows for the different ages and how to avoid an overtired baby if possible. Rmb the world is a brand new place for baby. Big and unfamiliar, it's normal for baby to feel insecure and stimulated. I'm also a ftm and had to learn everything bit by bit. Stay strong mama!

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Yes it was. Especially during the first two weeks. Maybe it’s because first time moms are inexperience. Cause that’s what I faced. Baby settled down when my in laws or the elders carried them. I just feel baby can feel it if that person is stress out. The more they will cry. When I slowly started gaining confidence, she eventually settled down. Took hours still but it wasn’t as bad as the first few days when she’s home. I invested in swaddle / biogaia / ridwind / a proper baby rocker. Invest in swaddles, it really makes a difference.

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Yes it is normal. First week in and I was very depressed and helpless even though I’ve my mom to help. It will only get better from week 3-4 onwards. Have you tried burping ur baby? Could just be gas in the stomach. How much is your baby drinking? Could be baby wants more milk?

Try to swaddle baby slightly firm but not tight. 3 years ago, when I was a first time mum, I didn't know how to swaddle my girl, she didn't feel secure. Remember to burp baby after feeding too. Don't over stress yourself. Things will get better along the way.

usually hospital will call for follow up , to check if you are doing alright. tell them what happened abd how they managed it when he was in the nursery

Have you try giving him a pacifier? Or swaddle him? When my baby had colic, I got her a yaolan (baby hammock) to help soothe her to sleep.