Week 6 first pregnancy

Hi all!! Wondering if there is any experienced mummy that can give me advice/encouragement hehe. I'm currently just entered 6 weeks of pregnancy, haven't had first scan yet (scheduled at week 10). Wondering if there is import signs / symptoms I should look out for at week 6 that would indicate perhaps some problems with the pregnancy? Appreciate any replies!! Thank youu#1stimemom #advicepls

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Congrats! Woohoo! First of all, keep yourself well hydrated and MUST eat folic acid asap. Dont wait for first doc's appt. Must start eating now. Then have enough rest and do not carry any heavy things. Google what to eat and what not to avoid. For some, nausea and morning sickness may start to kick in. Need your husband's support to understand what you'll be gg through. I hope you persevere and may you have a smooth pregnancy! 🥳

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Hello! Just be as positive and stress free as possible. Don’t take raw sashimi. If there’s spotting/bleeding, go to your gynae straight. For now, enjoy your pregnancy! Congrats!! 🥳

Congrats!! can start taking prenatal vitamins.. morning sickness may start soon... prepare yourself.. try avoid raw food and caffeine.. get lots of rest.

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thank you so much!!