Why childhood immunizations are important? Vaccinations not only protect your child from deadly diseases, such as polio, tetanus, and diphtheria, but they also keep other children safe by eliminating or greatly decreasing dangerous diseases that used to spread from child to child. Let us learn about Polio and how vaccines have helped eradicate this disease and other diseases as well! Join us next Monday, October 25, 2021 at 6:00 PM at the official FB page of @theasianparent_ph for a FB live about "π™’π™Šπ™π™‡π˜Ώ π™‹π™Šπ™‡π™„π™Š π˜Ώπ˜Όπ™”, 𝙆π™ͺ𝙒π™₯π™‘π™šπ™©π™€π™£π™œ π˜½π™–π™ π™ͺ𝙣𝙖, 𝙉𝙀𝙬 𝙣𝙖" πŸ₯³ Our health experts will talk about how important to have Polio vaccine and other vaccines as well. Mark your calendar and make sure to tune in to learn more about vaccines and vaccine related topics. See you online, BakuNanays! For more information about vaccines and vaccination, do join our FB BakuNanay Group at #TeamBakuNanay #ProudtobeBakuNanay #VaccinesWorkforAll #HealthierPhilippines #AllAboutBakuna

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