Maternity pants

At which week did you start buying/wearing maternity pants? Im in my week 14 and pants starting to get tight and uncomfortable altho ive sized up. #firsttimemom

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I got mine the moment I can start seeing a bump. Invested on 4 maternity pants leggings from Uniqlo and they’ve lasted me from week 14 to now week 35. Starting to feel a bit tight but they can be loosened I predict I’ll be able to wear till week 38!

I am at week 16 and pants and shorts start to become tight… i buy dresses with loose cutting instead… not a big fan of pants even before pregnant… hope it lasts me long enough…

from week 17-18ish! It started feeling tighter. Now at week 34, it feels like the same maternity pants are suffocating me already; dresses are way more comfortable!

I’m showing at week 12 already. Got them from maternity express on shopee. Not sure how it is as it’s on the way~

You can start wearing maternity pants/leggings/maternity dress soon as you have bump, you dont feel comfy.

Only bought a few maternity shorts from H&M and SHEIN. Wore loose fitting dresses, more “airy”

Roughly week 28 onwards than i wear maternity pants... For comfort 👖👖