Nipt, Nt or Oscar test

Which test shld I take?

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Depends on your budget and how important it is to you to know if your child might have Down syndrome. To me, it’s not important and I will keep it no matter what so I skipped the scans. NIPT is the most expensive but you will also get to know gender fairly early in your pregnancy and that’s a plus too

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I took Oscar from TMC as NIPT and NT are more costly. Serve similar purpose so I think Oscar is good enough

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If you wanna have this baby regardless, then don’t have to do any test ba. I didn’t do any.

I took Panorama. Very detailed and also tells the gender of baby with high accuracy.

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Depends on maternal risk group like age. But all these are optional tests

I tink it depends on age. Above 35, nipt; below oscar

I took oscar