Which pregnancy symptom did/do you hate the most?
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Frequent urination

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It's soooo hard to pee everytime especially if you finally found the perfect position for you HAHAH then suddenly, there it is, just perfectly right on time to ruin that resting position HAHAHAHA

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frequent urination and fatigue..i easily get tired and feels like doing nothing..

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with nausea. the whole life just seem to be revolving arnd the toilet

I waysn morrings to saty sleep for moring sickess

especially middle of the nights. def unable to sleep well!

Frequent urination. I wake up every night just to pee ugh!

Constant peeing especially when u have to get up at night

Frequent urination because it interrupts my sleep.

Morning sickness. Vomit every morning!

Nausea....made me feel sick. So uncomfortable