Transition out of crib

When do you transition your toddler out of the crib into a kids bed or normal bed? Looking for anecdotes and real parent experiences

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I recently jus shifted my toddler (2years old) out from his bedcot to a mattress on floor . Reasons: he has grown too long n tall for the bedcot n he is so tall that if he attempts to lean forward while standing at the bedcot , he looks like he might jus fall out ! So for safety reasons , we transited him to a mattress on floor . So far so good

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I transited my girl when she was ard 2.5YO cos she was too heavy for me to lift out of the crib. Also cos she kept breaking out of her 'jail' by climbing out of it with her dandy long legs and it was dangerous when she does it when we are not in the room! *meh*

I transit my eldest about 16 months coz he's leaning over the cot railing. plus he gotta make way for his younger bb bro. so we got a bumper bed put next to our bed. initially we accompany him in his bumper bed till he's in deep sleep

Moving your baby from a crib to a bed is a huge but wonderful

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When I started toilet training so they can easily walk to the toilet themselves. About 2.5yo