When can we start giving yogurt to weaning babies ? And also what kind of yogurt to give ? TIA!

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Most recommend that yogurt can be introduced to babies once they are past 6 months old (usually when they start on solids). In general, here are some points to note when looking for when a suitable one for your baby: - Choose plain unsweetened full fat yogurt (you can sweeten it by adding fruits, and NOT honey. Avoid the flavoured ones available on the shelves as those are usually high in sugar content) - Yogurt should not be the main or only type of food in your baby’s diet, offer it as part of a variety for a balanced diet - Follow the three day guideline when introducing new food to your baby, wait at least three days after introducing yogurt before moving on to another new food (in case your baby showed any allergic reaction to yogurt) My friends usually introduce yogurt after their babies are 10 months old and are comfortable with eating solid. They choose those plain ones that have no added sugar and add in some fruits for their babies, in addition to their usual breast/formula milk. You can consider getting Mundella yogurt for babies and toddlers, available at Cold Storage.

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Babies can eat greek yogurt. Just simply add some strawberries or other kind of fruits into the greek yogurt. It maybe tasteless to us, but definetly not to them. I would also give baby at 8months old just like what Hui Qun mentioned. However many PD recommends for baby to start as early as 6months old. Simple guide for you to read http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/greek-yogurt.htm Sharing is caring. Happy feeding :)

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Yes baby can be offered curd from 6 months. Preferably homemade and unsweetened. You can use breastmilk to make it if You want.

i started at 7 months