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When will LO'S start to talk fluently? (Can share ur own experience as mY lo gonna turn 19mths soon can say certain words onli izit normal? THKS IN ADVANCE

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Some kids start late but may turn out to be more talkative than kids who start early. Was told by polyclinic healthcare that I do not have to worry yet but I asked for a referral just in case & almost sent mine to a specialist but he started yakking since 3yo. Now I sometimes wish for quiet😅

Don't worry, some children start talking late and may be talkative when they start talking. If your paediatrician think is abnormal then you may go to polyclinic to ask for referral to speech therapist.

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For me it's ok but jst get stress when even the older generations ask alot of A$ questions lolzzzzz I get AAARRRGGGHHHH

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Normal each child talking starts different. But do see pd to follow up to check.

Mine suddenly can talk alot (long sentences) once started playground at 19mo.

3y ago

Wow awsome my hubby also told me the same as she will be enrolling soon in school so need not to worry lots ;))) THKS MAMA

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