Hi all, when you found your hubby and his ex sex video and naked pictures. What should you do? #37weeks

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it happened to me with my bf (now hubby) when we were dating few years back, not during pregnancy. yet, i think now you are pregnant, health of you and baby is more important, try not to get too depressed. instead talk to him calmly and tell him how bad it makes you feel, and ask him to stop. my hubby did stop and delete all those then n now we are happily married, expecting our 1st child. so better talk to iron things out. all the best!

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If those photos are related past. nothing to do. past can not be changed. But If husband still having connection. It is better to talk with him. If he is cheating . decision is upon you

2y ago

he said not cheating, just watching only. he admits sometimes he watching the video and photos. as it's same as he watching porn. we were fighting when I asked him. as a wife I feel disappointed and stress with current situation of pregnant