When did you have sex again after pregnancy?
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After 1 month (I couldn't wait!)
After 6 months (spouse was patient)
After 1 year (spouse was extremely patient!)

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Kame 1yr na hndi nmn ksi sya ung tipo ng lalaki na mahilig sa ganon at hndi din sya ung lalaking nag hahanap ng iba ksi hndi mapag bgyan :) thankful lng

we are aiming atleast 3-4mos. Kahit sobrang tigang na sya kasi while Im pregnant maselan kasi. Nung ika5th month ko bawal na kmi sa sex. 😂

The night after coming back home. Three days! I still resent how insensitive my husband is...

After 1 month even if I don't want to do it because I had a C-section delivery. My husband couldn't wait. 😞

After 1 year still no sex. Husband tired with his work & mummy too overwhelmed with the LO. Both no mood.

Omg its been 9 mos since the lastime! Im still scared about my cs wounds. And he understand my reason.

After 6months im afraid to get hurt after the wound heal baka dumugo at masira yung tahi..

We havent had sex since we found out I was pregnant, so its 14 mos of dry spell😂

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I can't believe there are some really patient spouses! After one year, really???

3 weeks after my c sect as my husband couldnt wait...

4y ago

Whoa! You're a tough woman! Lucky husband :)