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When baby is learning how to stand up after down fall down , whose fault teacher or itself ?

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I think it's natural tt baby will fall down when learning to stand up. My 6.5mo boy fall a few times on his head as he tries to stand up and cruise along furniture. As much as we try to be cautious, there bound to be falls which is part and parcel of growing up. I think as long as baby is ok, no obvious injuries, doesn't vomit, still feeds and sleeps as usual, don't worry. We shldn't blame teachers for everything, it's alr hard for them to take care of our babies. Unless it happens a few times WITH injuries, then of cz it'll be a cause for concern and bring it up to the principal.

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I concur with all mommies. I've seen how some moms at my son's infant care keep blaming teachers for every little thing like even a scratch on the face when it's clearly that the boy's fingernails are long. I was at home with my boy in his first 9 months and even at home I can't stop him from falling, what more the teachers when they have to take care of a few babies. I bought a baby head protection pad for him to wear and the teacher said it helps alot.

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i think its a natural process and not the fault of anyone. this will happen regardless who is taking care of the baby. so unless its like some serious injury, i think its ok

It’s only natural for them to fall cause they’re still learning and not stable yet. As long as the injuries are not serious, nothing to worry about.

Babies need to fall and get back up. It's part of the process and builds resilience. No ones fault but nature.

no one should be blame baby fall at home too, parents fault?