How do you spend your 'me time'?

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How do you spend your 'me time'?
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I celebrated when I could put conditioner in my hair (think only managed to do so twice in 7 months. Lol) I also enjoyed a good uninterrupted nap, or watched an episode of a show, or baked. Heh

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Actually we try to ask parents to take care of LO for few hours and we have date night to spend time as a couple . Couple time is me time

what’s Me Time? i have forgotten what that is ever since i gave birth. 😜 every second is Baby Time or Housework Time or Work Time.

No me time now that we have a baby. But during her naptime, i will crochet, play animal crossings 😅😅 or just nap with her.

Baby is still baking inside so my me time is putting on masks with husb , netflix , eat and chill with husb at home .

I would Like to apply some henna or do some craft work dats how I enjoy myself and this what I call as my MeTime:)

Usually its just netflix but today i tried something new! I put on a mask and i felt so good after that :)

Drinking my hot coffee and reading my book! OMG. Me time is where I can rest my mind. 🤣

No me time, now that we have a baby. Probably catch up with sleep 😴

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Hiding in the toilet for some quiet moments away from the kids.