What is the most recommended jogger stroller? Would like to do exercise with my little one together.

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Jogging strollers are meant for jogging and ideally 3 wheeler with big wheels tat can be pumped. Front wheel - should be able to be locked for jogging on straight path. safety bar in front of the seat n secure harness for the baby. Handles for the parent - should be a horizontal bar that can be adjusted to different heights so that u can jog with arms at comfy levels. One of my friend and her husband are avid joggers, they are using BOB Revolution Pro. They are loving it!

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Have a read at this article: http://www.babygearlab.com/Jogging-Stroller-Reviews/Buying-Advice There are some factors to consider and you will need to think about practical points such as how often and how much will you be running to help you determine a suitable model. This useful article highlight the point you need to think about and the features that you may need base on the type of runner you are. :) Hope this helps! Enjoy! :)

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