What is usually the root reason of your fights?
What is usually the root reason of your fights?
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Not enough time together
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We most often fight due to feeling unjustly treated due to the other one's bad mood (both of us are guilty with this)

Cheatings been an issue and with my unresolved issues I tend to not expect too much from hjn.

All of the above and each n every thing we come accross😂😂

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Pag tinopak lang ako walang dahilan, trip lang magpalambing 🤣🤣🤣

buying thing without telling me or take my opinion too.

We dont fight We talk about it And move on

whos the reason of the fights or not


Having any sort of expectations haha

5y ago

maraming differences.. we are opposites kaya laging challenging ang bawat araw 😁

Misunderstanding of opinions

handphone and social media