safe brand of sheet mask during pregnancy

what is a good brand of sheet mask for the face during pregnancy?

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You should try Wowo's cold compress mask. They having an offer now which is buy 1 box, get 3 boxes free. The first mask and I was in love already!

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i still use as usual tho

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All mask is fine 😂. Please do while you’re still pregnant if not no time to do after birth 😅

I was still using my usual masks when I was pregnant then.

I'm still using what I'm normally using - Dr Jart mask

Use the one you've been using. Avoid those with harsh ingredients. No paraben. Stick with natural ingredients. I've been using mine from Innisfree. Anyway as long you feel good and relaxed, all should be well!

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JM Solution MAMA Series they have 4 different types to choose from

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I continue use normal brand mask. The one I'm using is Dr Morita mask