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What you do to comfort/help/accompany your wife during her pregnency?

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My hubby did most of the housework esp those tt require me to stand long. We also just finished renovating our first home while I was still in my 1st tri so he settled everything himself. He also occasionally cooked, massaged my back and feet every night, accompanied me to every gynae appt, send and fetch me frm work. Loved my pregnancy period the most cz it was perhaps my most pampered time I ever had :D Your wife wld appreciate u very much for pampering her now, it's gd for the baby too!

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1mo ago

Great to hear that. Haha. Yay, i did the housework now, massage her tummy at night, especially when she bloating now at 9th week.. im thinking what else i can do for her more to make her feel comfortable.. 😚

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