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What’s the best maternal milk powder for my first pregnancy please? #firstbaby #pleasehelp #pregnancy #worryingmom thank you in advance! Is it Anmum / Similac Mom / Enfamama or any other Brands? Thank uuuuu

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I drink similac once a night since week 12 before I sleep so that I won’t be hungry during wee hours. Now still drinking at week 32. Did GD test, no issue. Depends on yourself. I heard woman’s bone gets brittle during/after pregnancy so it’s good to have enough calcium.

Not a must to drink maternal drink because of other forms of supplements especially if your doc going to prescribe you vitamins, etc. but if you insist, you can contact those brands and get samples then you can try from there.

i did not consumed any maternal milk because i hated the smell and taste. i read that it contains high sugar as well so i rather not. i drank nutrisoy oats and quinoa milk and fresh low fat milk instead.

i tried anmum, enfamama and similac mom. currently drinking similac mom (once a day) as i feel its the least sweet among others. doctor also said once a day is enough as im also taking vitamins

Taking frisomum now for breakfast since I found out I was pregnant. All good, it keeps me full. I haven’t gain too much additional weight yet now that I’m in 17 weeks

yes not necessary if you are taking calcium supplements. i am currently taking muti vitamins and calcium supplement and drink 1 glass of anmum per day

I just got all the samples from various brands to try. I only drank it when I was hungry during midnight! haha

I'm having anmum lowfat and it tastes so good. I bought at Fair Price ard $24 ✌🏼

I have Anmum since 2nd trimester. this is milk powder without added sugar.

Frisomum/similac is good. I don’t like the taste of anmum