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Went to confirm my pregnancy 2-3 weeks ago at a polyclinic and referred to my choice of hospital. However the earliest appt date is on 30th March, isn’t that too late? I’m 7 weeks now. #advicepls #firstbaby

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not too late fr me. i went fr my first gynae appt when i was 10 weeks 1 day pregnant😊😊 unless u have some medical condition to be concern of.. then u shud try to give the hospital of ur choice a call.. cos fr myself.. i had my mom did the appt fr me😊so i did not wait long fr my first gynae appt.

not too late, my friend went at week 12. alternatively you can call every few days to check if they have earlier slot, they might give you bcos of cancellations

try to call as and when to check if there's any cancellation so you can take the earliest slot.. be sure to take folic acid while waiting for the appointment

I just hit 7 weeks and my appt given by polyclinic is 15 Feb...