Exercise if low placenta?

Am week 21 now. Have low placenta, am I able to exercise?

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I think it depends on how low your placenta is. It would be helpful to get clearance from your gynae. Mine was low based on the ultrasound scan but my gynae wasn't too concerned and he cleared me for exercise. He just said not to do high impact activities (i.e. Jumping). My placenta eventually moved upwards in late pregnancy.

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Super Mum

I would avoid it. Also avoid other strenuous activities and sexual intercourse. Go to the hospital immediately if you start bleeding

I was having low placenta during my pregnancy and was told to bed rest . It all went well after a week and my gynae approve me to exercise .

2y ago

What exercise to do?

21 weeks and low placenta too . Gynea told me not to exercise excessively .

21w and i have low lying placenta too. 😥

5mo ago

same low placenta. found out during my anatomy scan at 20w

better check with your gynae